Jenny Gonzalez - Executive, Treasurer, H.R.

An Army veteran and single mother of two, Jenny has lived her life in service of her Lord, Family, and a local church.  Jenny's leadership, drive, and heart for others has guided her throughout her multifaceted professional career. As she continually contributes to impacting business outcomes through effective organization and execution, Jenny's same enthusiasm and skill for this endeavor will be just as successful.

Christopher M. Edwards, CEO, Retired Marine

​​Originating from Chicago’s Southside, Christopher M. Edwards served in the military in various capacities for almost 15 years. His service included working as a special education teacher for a decade.

After five years with the Department of Homeland Security, he became a distribution systems operator for ComEd. Christopher’s broad reach in various channels and multitudes of disciplines allows him the unique and expert intel that works to his advantage in any professional setting.

Today as a realtor, Christopher has made it a mission to house as many clients as he’s able to assist. He owes his success to his natural ability to connect almost every client with the network desired for their ideal outcome, from real estate to maintenance or management.

He has proven himself to be a highly competent professional with in-depth, personal knowledge in business processes and organization throughout his career. He is trustworthy, dependable, ethical, and discreet. He has always displayed solid conflict management skills and leadership abilities.

Christopher has always been passionate about creating opportunities that would empower and equip people to live to their fullest potential.

In 2013 he founded BACK ON TRAC, a section 501.c3 non for profit organization.  Fulfilling his aspiration to serve people and inspire them to serve others, he has over the years created various initiatives under the banner of BACK ON TRAC.

As the visionary of HER Salute, the initiative was birthed with similar intentions to provide safe accommodation for women veterans and their children while encouraging them to become self-sufficient and equipped to re-enter society.  The programs made available to the women will reposition them to make this a reality. One of the most significant features of the initiative is that each woman will receive mentorship and assistance to become a homeowner.

Lilanga Dhanapala - Marketing and Media Director

Lilanga Dhanapala is a TV/Radio personality. With over 19 years in the industry, her journey began as a news presenter on the Steve Harvey morning show in Chicago. With diverse industry experience in the United  States, New Zealand, UK, and more recently Sri Lanka, her heart's ambition has been to use media to impact society in a positive way. Her passion for such is the driving force behind her commitment to BACK ON T.R.A.C and HER Salute.