In response to the worldwide COVID 19 Pandemic's

Have a Virtual Memorial Service for your loved ones. Family and friends can grieve in the comfort of their own homes. Families can share their Virtual Memorial Service with extended family members and friends wherever in the world they might be, as long as they have Internet access. Guests can attend the Virtual Memorial Service wherever and whenever they are available to do so and as often as they like.

In response to the worldwide COVID 19 Pandemic's

Celebrating the LIFE of Wando Evans!


1. Domain (annual/yearly fee) under $20 per year

2. Website Builder Business Plus (monthly fee) under $15 per month

3. Labor (flat-rate): $250.00
48-72 hours (2-3 days) is the general turnaround from the exact time and day that 100% of everything both needed and required from the customer has been received.
That is when we start working on the job and not a moment before. The list of things needed and required before work begins are as follows:

  • 50% deposit of $125.00 due at the start of the Project.
    The deposit is non-refundable.

  • The Domain should be registered and the Website Builder Business Plus should be purchased through my Internet Reseller page.
    ​A Domain Transfer will be
    REQUIRED if the customer has already purchased a domain through another company.

  • Customers MUST PROVIDE us with absolutely everything that they want on their Virtual Memorial Service website including, but not limited to:
    • Camera Ready PHOTOS
      Camera Ready means that the submissions are ready to use as-is.
      Nothing needs tweaking, enhancing, or manipulated.

    • Camera Ready VIDEO footage/clips
    • Scriptures
    • Obituary content typed out completely with spell check and grammar check already completed to the customer's satisfaction before submitting it to us. Content should be submitted to us via email in notepad, MS Word, or typed out within the email itself so as long as we're able to copy and paste the text right into the obituary.
      There is NO DISCOUNT if the customer submits an obituary created by someone else and submitted to us to add on the Virtual Memorial Service website. The flat-rate fee is NEVER PRORATED under no circumstances.
    • Anything not mentioned here can be discussed at length. Everything agreed upon will be included in a customized written contract between us and the customer. The contract will include the verbiage outlined here on this page.
  • Customers are advised that we will need temporary access to the account so that we can access the customer's new Website Builder Business Plus account in order to create the Virtual Memorial Service website. Once the Virtual Memorial Service website has been created, within the 2-3 day window, and the customer approves the work, the total balance will be due immediately and without delays. The customer can then go ahead and change the password to their account so that we can no longer access their account.
  • Delays, for whatever reason, preventing us from being able to complete the project within the designated 48-72 hours (2-3 days) time period promised, will be thoroughly reviewed and documented to confirm whether the delays are due to miscalculations, uncontrollable circumstances, or negligence. We will then communicate how to move forward from that point.