Michele Brock Commercial Jingle
 Music and Arrangement by Mario Santilli
Lyrics and Vocals by Jessica Hayes

Michele Brock is a Christian, Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Daughter, and Sister! She's Educated, an Actress, Paralegal, Entrepreneur, and Public Speaker! Her passions are focusing on her relationship with GOD, her family, meeting her personal health and fitness transformation goals, studying law, and acting! Hence, the establishment of MICHELE BROCK ENTERPRISES! Michele Brock is very goal oriented with many dreams and desires which keeps her busy on a regular bases. She's not 100% certain in which direction that the HOLY SPIRIT is going to lead her, but, she has her sights on either heading to law school to become a lawyer or heading to hollywood to play a lawyer on television and in film! However, she maintains that in everything that she is and does, all of it is done with the sole purpose of edifying and glorifying GOD and being the best representation of a CHRISTIAN woman and member of the BODY OF CHRIST that GOD would have her to be!




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